Murfie Inc. Attends Exclusive “Start” Event in Dublin, Ireland

Matt Younkle

Murfie CEO and co-founder Matt Younkle (BSECE, ’97) recently attended the inaugural START event in Dublin, Ireland. START, the sister event to the acclaimed f.ounders conference and newest addition to this year’s Web Summit, brings together “150 of the world’s most exciting and disruptive startups” along with a selection of the world’s most prolific investors and bloggers.
Murfie Inc., is an online social music marketplace that offers consumers a one-stop-shop to send and store physical CDs while they buy, sell, trade, download and stream music online.
Dublin’s Web Summit is Europe’s largest technology conference, attracting more than 200 international speakers and 3,000 attendees from 50 countries.

“Coming from Madison, we’re honored to have been recognized alongside such a small and exclusive group of early-stage startups from around the globe,” said Younkle, “It’s a fantastic opportunity to network with international business leaders and entrepreneurs and share with them our innovative business model. Of course, we’re also excited to conduct some in-field research on the differences between Irish and Wisconsin beer!” Read more…

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