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Hanson Sees Bright Future for Clean Nuclear Energy

Bryan Hanson

These are challenging times to be in charge of 11 nuclear reactors at six stations in the State of Illinois. One might think all times would be challenging given that responsibility and Exelon Nuclear Senior Vice President of Midwest Operations Bryan Hanson (BSNEEP, ’88) would not disagree.

“It’s a great career but not for the faint of heart, certainly,” Hanson says. “These reactors obviously run 24/7. My weekends and holidays are most often disrupted but it’s a fascinating job.” (more…)

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McCarten Guides Effort to Reduce Emissions

Laura McCarten

With greenhouse gas emissions trending downward in Minnesota, Xcel Energy finds itself “ahead of the curve” in its proactive efforts to lower emissions from power plants around the state, according to Xcel Regional Vice-President Laura McCarten (BSEP, ’79).

Thursday McCarten, who has a degree in nuclear engineering from the University of Wisconsin, said that Xcel had taken significant steps in reducing emissions in the state, including converting two older coal-burning plants to natural gas (Riverside and High Bridge), and retrofitting the King plant with modern emission control technology to burn low-sulfur Wyoming coal. The conversions resulted in a significant drop in C02 levels and a 90% reduction in sulfur emissions, and were cost effective due to the current low price of natural gas. Read more…

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Liao Elected to National Academy of Engineering

James C. Liao, (PhDCBE, ’87) UCLA’s Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Professor of Chemical Engineering and chair of the chemical and biomolecular engineering department at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering.
Election to the academy is one of the highest professional distinctions that can be awarded to an engineer in the United States. Read more…
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Mogahed Ranked 32nd of Top 100 Arab Women Leaders

Dahlia Mogahed

Dahlia Mogahed, (BSCBE, ’97) was named the 32nd most powerful Arab woman by The 2012 list includes both businesswomen and activists among others and ranks Arab women according to the number of people whose lives they have touched and influenced. Read more…

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Cooley Practices Wastewater Diplomacy

Roger Cooley

There have always been social and political considerations influencing engineering decisions, but if there is one thing Roger Cooley (BSCEE, ’76) could convey to today’s graduates, it’s that those considerations are now a much bigger part of the engineering profession. (more…)

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