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Higgins Deploys Quality Around the World

Tanya Higgins

Five years into a successful career with John Deere, Tanya Higgins began looking for a way to “tie the bow on the package” of her professional goals. That desire led her in 2004 to the Master of Engineering Professional Practice (MEPP) program.

Since graduating from MEPP in 2006, Higgins has received an impressive five promotions in six years with John Deere. “I already had my undergraduate schooling as a solid foundation and my career experiences as building blocks,” says Higgins, a 1994 materials engineering graduate of Youngstown State University. “What I needed was a way to tie it all together to help me make the transition from executing the ideas of others to communicating my ideas to others and inspiring their engagement. MEPP helped me develop that.” (more…)

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Thiede Creates Opportunity for Children Through KenyaHELP

Theide and Purity, a star student studying computer science at Nairobi University

“Jill M. Thiede – BS – ECE – 1991, University of Wisconsin-Madison”

That is how my resume describes my time at the UW. The degree I got in engineering from Madison has been critical to my success as a process and controls engineer and more recently as a strategic account manager, but my time at the UW provided lessons far beyond Newton’s Laws and solving differential equations. I developed an understanding of our global connectedness. My roommate was from China, one of my best friends grew up in Iran, and I studied with a young woman from Lebanon. I worked with students in Computer Aided Engineering from Algeria, Pakistan, and Singapore. Growing up in Green Bay, my world was fairly small. During my time at Madison, I developed a passion for understanding different cultures. (more…)

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John Caldwell: World War II Veteran

John Caldwell

John Caldwell, a former United States Navy lieutenant commander, was born in Columbus in 1922 in the house his father built for his family. During his childhood, he enjoyed playing golf and being in the school band; he graduated from Columbus High School in 1940.

Caldwell attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering in 1944. While at Madison, he played the French horn in the UW band. Before his service, Caldwell taught math at Fall River High School for two weeks. Caldwell entered the Navy as an ensign in 1944. Read more…

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Destree Takes Job so Good, He Can Taste it.

Brian Destree

Brian Destree, a 2002 UW-Madison graduate with degrees in biochemistry and chemical engineering, is the new brewmaster at Capital Brewery in Middleton, Wisconsin.

He succeeds longtime Capital Brewmaster Kirby Nelson and while dedicated to preserving the character of Capital’s popular line of beers, he’s looking forward to expanding the brewery’s offerings. (more…)

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