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As V.P. of Sales, Walker Keeps Manufacturing World Turning

John Walker

Diapers,  paper towel and roofing shingles do not conjure thoughts of high-technology for most people, nor does using plastic wrap, aluminum foil or a sheet of just about any material; metal, plastic or paper. But the fact is, within the science and engineering of creating millions of everyday products, there is a world of fantastic and intricate technology created solely to roll or unwind massive amounts of materials. It involves sensors, controllers, positioners, actuators, steering guides and much more in order to control tension, guide, inspect, wind and make slits.

As the new vice president of sales for Maxcess International, it is John Walker’s (BSECE, ’90) job to understand the intricacies of myriad products and guide a team of sales engineers in offering the right solutions to industry. (more…)

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Just Add Water: Mielke Tapped to Help Manage St. Lawrence Seaway

Where there is water, there is life, but more than likely, there is also conflict. Sometimes, Bill Mielke will be tapped to help resolve those conflicts. As President and CEO of Waukesha, Wisconsin-based Ruekert/Mielke, Mielke and his firm became known for creatively resolving lawsuits and turf wars that inevitably arise between communities providing basic services such as water and sewer.

Those innovative solutions led to appointments to state and regional commissions and task forces such as the Great Lakes Water Commission. He helped write the law for Wisconsin to join the Great Lakes Compact. (more…)

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