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On the Horizon: A Gasoline-Diesel Hybrid?

Wisconsin Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering Rolf Reitz is sparking interest in his novel technique for cutting pollution and improving fuel efficiency in combustion engines. The technology — using a blend of diesel and gasoline to optimize combustion —  could have enticing applications in the trucking and automotive industry. Check out the latest coverage in Technology Review Magazine.

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Jim Thompson: Building a Wireless World

Jim Thompson at Qualcomm

Driving through San Diego’s Sorrento Valley, where rolling hills are populated with dozens of gleaming buildings bearing the Qualcomm Inc. logo, it’s hard to imagine a time when Qualcomm would have been considered a corporate underdog.

But that time was just two decades ago, when the era of digital cellular technology was beginning to take shape. Jim Thompson, a three-degree graduate of the Department
of Electrical and Computer Engineering, joined Qualcomm during those pivotal early days, when a high-stakes technology gamble fueled the company’s meteoric rise. (more…)

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Mike Duckett: Making a Mark on Miller Park

Mike Duckett at Miller Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Mike Duckett at Miller Park

While your typical Milwaukee Brewers fan might have a favorite moment to share about a game at Miller Park, Mike Duckett can narrow it down to his favorite time of day.

Duckett, the executive director of the Miller Park Stadium District, says he is enamored with that intersection between the end of his workday and the start of a night game, when he can watch thousands of fans thread into the sprawling ballpark. “I’ll often wait until about 7 p.m. to leave work, and just watch the building load with people,” he says. “My favorite time is when you see the families bringing kids in, some for the very first time, and they’re holding their mom or dad’s hand, looking up and just going, ‘Wow.’ That’s really fun to see them soaking it all in.” (more…)

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